EN: All cuts/hair designs/hair tattoos on the Vardhead by senior stylist and master of color: Jessica Marshall.
Latest are on top.
DE: Alle Haarschnitte/Haardesign/Haartattoos auf dem Vardkopf von Senior Stylistin und Meisterin der Farbe: Jessica Marshall.
Die Neuesten sind oben.

4 thoughts on “André Vard – Hair Design

    1. Vard

      Oh, thank you, Peter! I appreciate that! Uniqueness is what artists always looking for. Finding and showing it to the outside is essential, right?

  1. Takeshi Mifune

    Unbelievable! This is so amazing! For how long does it last on your head? You have a lot of fans here in japan.

    1. Vard

      Thank you, Takeshi! I appreciate that! The hair design lasts about 6-8 weeks, then the regrowing hair slowly closes the cut gaps. But the hairstyle still looks good after that! Yeah, Japan is great! I hope to be there again soon.

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