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André Vard - Introduction

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The heartbeat is the first sound and the first rhythm we hear in our lives. It signals, among other things, our emotional state. This makes rhythms the oldest forms of communication in the world. Sounds are audible to us as well as we can feel their vibrations. In the interplay of all senses, we see music and hear pictures. And everyone has its own sound of life. The very personal touch. Since we basically use universal physics in sound generation, it doesn’t matter if a sound is acoustic or electronic or if we create a symbiosis of both. We can creatively use the entire sound spectrum and expand it innovatively. That’s what I always try in my musical work.

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André Vard


Wiesbaden, Germany
born on a 9th of November
„I was drumming on cooking pots as a kid and I’m still creating sounds with it today.“

Current bands: Sonic Loops, André Vard (Solo)


History: United Blues Company | Eyescream | United Beats Vol.1 (Solo) | Funk-A-Tac | United Beats Vol.2 (Solo) | Short Cut Solos (Solo) | Radio Sound Revolution |
Current: Bionicsounds (Multimedia Project) | A.C.I.M. Dancecrew (Special Music Project) | Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. (Songwriting) | Kate Lomaeva (Producing) | Jasmin Joana (Producing)

Stage & Studio

i.a. Rock am Ring, Rock im Park, Roskilde, MTV Campus Invasion | Gigs with Limp Bizkit, Ill Nino, Slipknot, Mudvayne, Soulfly, (hed)p.e., Papa Roach, Static X, Tool, Him, Harmful | Korona | Zhavia, A Perfect Circle, Tash Sultana | Sub Linkin Park, Pink, Marilyn Manson, Blue Man Group, The Prodigy | Traxx Studio Productions | Vienna Fashion Week

It’s all about music!

“At least, it doesn’t matter how I create a sound, but only that I reach him at all.”


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Tour Dates

André Vard is working in the studio.

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Unique Sound Research Room

André Vard in 175 bpm
In the studio, or rather in the Unique Sound Research Room, André Vard, as a musician and sound designer, creates sound material for the successful and effective emotionalisation of ideas, images and brands. Professional, with passion and the sensitive ear on the pulse of the time.
André calls it: sound communication.

Music & Drumming

Sounds & Soundscapes

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André Vard

Drummer | Musician | Composer | Producer | Sound Designer

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André Vard


Artistic services

Live and studio drumming, compositions, multi-instrumental recordings, music productions, drum programming, time correction, remixing, mixing, mastering, music editing, sound editing, sound mixing, corporate sound design, film music, multimedia, sound development for cross-media advertising campaigns, workshops and lessons on acoustic drums and e-drums to software training
>>> on request.