The IAA is coming. And this time I want to be there. From 14.-24. September 2017, the International Motor Show on the fairgrounds in Frankfurt am Main will be presenting everything related to the topics automotive and mobility.
Why should musicians and artists in particular be interested in the IAA this time? Quite simply: Right now after the diesel scandal is finally clear that it can not go on like this. New drive technologies also need a major breakthrough in Germany and Europe. Now and not tomorrow. There is no other way.

The travel expenses of the musicians

Mobility is an enormously important topic for musicians and artists. We travel a lot and often far. Around the world. Travel expenses are a cost driver in our professional field. They belong in every personal calculation in negotiations of the fees. For large events and large tour operators, travel costs are usually negotiated as part of the fee. In small events and corresponding smaller organizers, there is often not – or the whole minimal salary is equal to a pure fuel money. So how does that look in the future with the electricity costs for musicians and artists? And what kind of vehicles will be available for traveling that are suitable for musicians and artists?

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Transport vehicles with electric motor?

Electromobility has been discussed for years. The hardest point: the batteries, the battery charging times and the available travel time in one go. The reports always talk about the “normal” car for everyday life. But what about transport vehicles? What ranges and at what speed does a van make a solo artist on his own with his instruments? What about a van or tour bus for a whole band? How should batteries power an electro-powered nightliner of the big acts in show business? And how the trucks for the entire event technology? In my opinion, these are enormously important issues that the artist family and event industry would rather deal with earlier than too late and should also speak up. Otherwise, the needs of musicians and artists on the road will be the last for which the automotive industry will create vehicles with new drives. And that would be anything but good …

Maybe I’ll pick up on the topic “Automotive Industry & Sound Design” later. For many car enthusiasts, the power of a vehicle can also be recognized by its sound. As is well known, this is a big topic in Formula One, the racing sports. What is the professional field of a sound designer in the automotive industry? Are sound designers perhaps more in demand as part of the electric mobility of the car manufacturers than ever before?


av, 24.08.2017