Musikmesse 2018

The Music Fair in Frankfurt am Main 2018 is coming. From the 11th to the 14th of April 2018, (almost) everything in the music industry is bustling again at the fairgrounds around the famous Festhalle. The stars and experts present themselves and their instruments in workshops and master classes.
There is hardly another place where the fans of the instrumental professionals can come so close to their idols in such a variety, as here. However, the International Fair for Musical Instruments and Sheet Music, Music Production and Music Marketing, and the same time Prolight + Sound has an interesting change in the background this year. Instead of Wolfgang Lücke, the long-standing director, Wolfang Weyand, as head of the Business Relations & Entertainment department, is now responsible for the entire supporting program of the Music Fair and Prolight + Sound. Wolfgang Weyand has an immense wealth of experience in the event and entertainment business. Among other things, he was once the creator of the popular “Sounds of Frankfurt”.
So it will be exciting to see whether the new head of the Music Fair will let a fresh wind blow through the halls of sound, and whether new impulses will become visible and audible already this year.

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The mission continues: Musical instruments for people with disabilities

I remind you that I’ve been traveling to the Music Fair Frankfurt for a few years now to research if there are any instrument makers who build musical instruments specifically for people with disabilities. Apart from the mass market, there are only extremely few, small companies that are more concerned with conversions of instruments for people with physical impairments, while otherwise there are rather random instruments with features that are helpful in a handicap.
In the meantime, however, I have been receiving occasional reports from manufacturers throughout the year, who themselves are thinking about ways of producing instruments in the production process, and how they could be modified in small numbers without cost explosion. That’s good news.
So far, most musicians with disabilities or those with handicaps who would like to learn an instrument, have to look for resourceful inventors to help them rebuild their chosen instrument so they can play it, it would be a tremendous step forward, even if the big instrument manufacturers are discovering a market for themselves that is not all about maximum sales but support and participation.
Almost all the manufacturers I’ve ever talked to about “Musical instruments for people with disabilities” have an open ear for it. I hope, I continue to sharpen the senses of the manufacturers, to think about offers of special conversion options and optimizations on demand.

av, 26.02.2018

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