In the future, I will post no content directly on Facebook & Instagram any more, but only references and links to content on my website

Why this partial exit ?

Well, in the beginning, Facebook actually felt like part of a great communication platform. Social media was on everyone’s lips. Facebook was soon overloaded with all kinds of, and far too many, features. So an account on Instagram, where you are limited to the presentation of photos and videos on the essential, and designed primarily for smartphones, made sense.
I’ve never been a friend of WhatsApp. Chatting about often too personal content without proper data security was suspect to me. If you read the terms and conditions of WhatsApp exactly, you will find that it is the most insane data octopus of all. After a few weeks, I deleted my profile there again. Shortly afterwards, WhatsApp was bought by Facebook and Instagram as well.

Personal things? Fine, but…

But as a professional artist, it’s not a good thing not to be where everyone is. Anyone who has to live from his art must be seen, ideally by as many people as possible. Quite apart from the fact that I would really like to talk about personal matters with good friends.

It has long been clear, what Facebook and co. makes with all the data and content. And since Facebook shoots massively advertising into the chronicles, and Instagram into its stream, the whole thing is just a chaotic garbage heap.

In principle the newer data scandals were unimportant for my decision, because it all were known anyway. But it’s just more stones that were thrown into the barrel of water. Instagram, so far still bearable, but unfortunately also belongs to Facebook as we know, and also comes with strange procedures. So on Instagram my bionicsounds account suddenly had more than 2500 people, which I followed, although I had never done that myself. I had not used the account for quite a while. A mass deletion was initially denied by Instagram. A lawyer-enforced review found that my account was never hacked. The unknown users were deleted then. Where they came from remains a mystery. There is a possibility that Instagram accounts, which have been not used for a while, can be misused to pretend active users and active networking for business reasons by Instagram. That’s bad!

Actually, it also doesn’t make much sense to give these companies my own content, if I have an own website, right?

So that’s why I’m doing this partial exit – only in the content part, because it will probably take quite a long time due to human convenience, until perhaps many other friends and acquaintances leave these platforms and turn to alternative ones.
In addition only in part, because unfortunately there are a lot of weird people, who, especially with artists/bands, etc., immediately grab the name, even though it’s not also their name. I have never understood this strange behaviour. But unfortunately I personally know enough artists who had to deal with such matters and need to take a lawyer. Mind you, I’m talking about the people who really abuse the name, or try to sell it later. So it’s better to keep your own artist name on these social media websites occupied by not deleting the account.

Which alternatives do I have today?

Instead of WhatsApp, I’ve been using Threema for ages. One time small purchase price. Elegant design and no antics. Developed by a Swiss company, the app is fully compliant with European data protection law.
I don’t think Telegram is, like WhatsApp, very serious either, because there are a few inconsistencies, as supposedly relocated server to the US. As another alternative, I still see the Signal App, but it may be questionable that just the former WhatsApp founder is one of the main sponsors, and also the US government promotes this app. Certainly, it’s not safer than Threema, and I like the developments at Threema. Instead of Facebook and Instagram, I’m going to rely on Friendica in the future. I think this network will be a big hit as the alternative in the long term – with the guarantee that my personal data will remain my personal data – anyway, if I set up my own Friendica server, which, assuming the right hosting company, seems to be relatively easy. At HostEurope, unfortunately, I have my difficulties because supposedly it should also run with a simple web space pack, but currently I can’t run the installlation. Apparently a web server pack is necessary. Maybe I will also open a profile on one of the free servers. Let’s see.

Friendica and Threema! That makes sense at the moment.

I know, there is much more and much more would be necessary. But that’s a start, after all, to get rid of the data suckers.

Maybe it can also convince you to finally communicate free of this big data insecurity again? I would be happy!

Peace! 🙂

P.S .: And instead of Google, I use Qwant.

av, 08.06.2018


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