So Thea Rival, the guitar monster, nominates me on fb for a 10-all-time-favorite-albums-action and blows Korn’s debut album around my ears. Wow, this is a challenging start.

I can’t add anything to Korn and just agree with his opinion completely. Korn created the path for Nu Metal and lead this music scene until today. The musical answer to this can only be one in the low-frequency family:
Deftones – Around The Fur.

The Deftones in the Batschkapp

Of course, the Adrenaline album of the Deftones with 7 Words was already damn great shit.
But when I saw the Deftones live with the songs from Around The Fur for the first time in the (old) Batschkapp in Frankfurt am Main, it was like a hurricane, turning my brain from back to front and from top to bottom.
Unforgettable, as it was at the first sound, the standing B, that let the glasses flip from the shelf at the bar, because the vibrations were so strong. This summer of that time will forever be My Own Summer.

Melancholy and Explosion

As much as I appreciate Korn, for what they have dared and managed, the Deftones were and are closer to me. The kind of their groove, Chino’s vocals and the heavy melancholy of the guitars, exploding anyways, touch me deeply. There is also an anecdote. A few years ago, I was trying out a new song on my guitar when my father came to visit me. The song is close to the style of the Deftones. And my father said, “Hey, I know what you’re playing.” “Where from?” I asked him. “This was the first self-written song I heard from you, and you played it on your very first guitar. No joke, you played it the same way – exactly that!” he replied. I asked in amazement, “How is that? When should that have been? The song idea was born jamming just yesterday.” “No, no!” he replied. “That’s exactly the song you played when you were 4 years old and the guitar was plastic! We all stared at you when you started playing this guitar and played those notes.”
Later he sent me a photo that he did back then. I’m not sure if the guys from the Deftones were already born. 😀
Well, maybe I’ve always carried the nu metal of the Deftones in me, and maybe that’s why they inspire me a bit more.

New album by Korona

@Marcus: You are waiting for a new album by Korona? 😀
What can I say? Maybe there will actually be one, because a lot of ideas and demos are loosely around for 3 albums. And after the backup for Prodigy, I would even have some time for it at the moment.
But it’s only possible with the original voice, when his voiceness gets blown a fist full of good old Nu Metal through his ears so that he even remembers that he is a singer…
Currently, the number of inquiries from the eastern countries of this world to Japan is increasing. That’s why I’m currently working on a remastering of old Korona recordings that were never released. Maybe Breaking The Silence will be reworked and re-released. It was only released on CD and vinyl, but never digital. I’m curious to see what comes out…

If the only true Queen of Rock, Jules X from Berlin, read this, then of course she is due to get her favorite album out. I think, I already know, what she would say. 🙂

av, 11.06.2018

photo by Frank Maddocks –


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